No, I’m the Master!//stripsclosertothedoctor

The Master was in his workroom, hunched over another project. It looked like a rather large laser cannon and took up over half the space available. Carefully, he tiptoed over wires and tools to get to his computer. Careful…one misstep and you could blow a hole in the universe… Although, that is technically what this is for. 

See, the Master was trying to figure out exactly what had happened in his cell back on Gallifrey. Cracks like that don’t just appear out of nowhere. Something massive had to have happened. 

He checked the readings on his computer and started to boot up the cannon, making sure everything stayed stable. Suddenly, he realized he’d forgotten something on the other side of the device and hurried to fix it. 

Of course, he tripped and knocked it off balance for just a second. This second, this one tiny little second, was just enough to trigger the cannon. A bright white light fired into the wall opposite and a large crack appeared there. 

"Shit…" he whispered, staring at the crack for a moment longer before hurrying to fix it. He looked back down at his device and tried to disconnect it. He had to hurry. Anything could come through there for anywhere, and it’d be just his luck if it was the bloody Time Lords or the Daleks again..