yesterday i went to the library to read because im a nerdy girl and i love to read, unlike most girls. (: anyway i was reading twilight and tHEN I SAW ANOTHER GUY READING TWILIGHT AND HE CAME OVER AND STARTED FINGERING ME AND THEN HIS MOM SHOWED UP AND LIT HIM ON FIRE OMG THEN I ASKED HER IF SHE HAD TUMBLR AND SHES LIKE “SUPERWHOLOCK” AND GAVE ME HER URL AND IM SCREAMING



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before was cat woman there was kyle there selina gotham

*peers out of closet after ten-million years* Psst… If anyone around wants to rp, I’m free to do it on Skype. Still not too sure about coming back to Tumblr, but I think some external rp would be nice. I kinda miss rping and would love to with anyone available. Just message me privately and I’ll give you my Skype name or whatever….. *shifts eyes around, still hanging halfway out of the closet* I’ll be here….

So I think I’m actually done roleplaying… or at least done with this fandom. I’ll leave everything here and stuff, but I won’t be posting anything else. Guess I’m just too tired and busy and not really creative anyway. It was really great playing with you guys and I hope y’all continue to have a great time. Thank you all for the brilliant experiences and stories. Goodbye.


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theonlylucysaxon whispered: Lucy's eyes were full of tears. "Depends on if you want your wife to think you're a monster..." She said and stared at him. The nine year old German Sheppard sat there, looking frightened and whimpering. "Koschei I swear to god if you hurt him.... I..... I won't leave you.... But I'll spend every single day, looking at you and thinking of this.... You're better than this..." She said softly and couldn't help the tears that streamed down her face.

"I already know what you think of me…" The Master pressed his face against the dog’s fur and sighed. The knife dropped from his hand and he whispered small comforts to Sam. "You think I’m weak… and stupid. You think I won’t do something monstrous to prove a point. You think I’m not a monster and that’s the problem here. We both seem to have forgotten that…” 

He pulled away from the dog and let it go. Sam trotted over to Lucy and licked her hand gently. Another sigh and the Master met his wife’s gaze with resolve. 

"Push me too far and everyone—except you—dies.

theonlylucysaxon whispered: "I just like to tease you, Koschei. Make you a little worried, or shocked, and then surprise you.... I like shaking you out of how boring and stressed you get..." She said softly and bit her lip. "I love seeing you not looking so entirely morose."

As if he hadn’t heard a word Lucy had said to him, the Master stood suddenly. A hand wrapped around her arm and pushed her into the counter. The Master held her there for a minute, his eyes angry and his grip bruising.

Don’t. Move.

Before she could get her hands on him, he moved back away from her and walked into the bedroom. He returned a minute or so later, half-dragging Sam into the room by his collar. In his other hand, he held a rather large and unusually designed knife. He knelt next to the dog and stared up at his wife.

"Are you in the mood for German Shepard tonight? I hear the meat is very tender…" he asked, a casual smile on his face. Sam sat down so the Master would let go of his collar and the Time Lord merely petted him gently.

theonlylucysaxon whispered: Fear flickered in her eyes as the glass broke, but he's Koschei. Her Koschei, and he wouldn't hurt her. The fear isn't for her safety. it's for his sanity. She slid the jacket off and stared at him with apologetic green eyes. "I didn't mean to anger you, love.... I just was teasing....." She swallowed roughly. He'd see the light tint of a flush cover her body as she tensed from fear.

The Master let out a long, heavy sigh, took a sip of his drink, and set it gently on the table. 

"You really should know better, Lucy…" he muttered, tracing a finger around the edge of the glass. His next words were patronizing, as if he was talking to a child. He still would not look at her. "How many times has this gotten you in trouble? This game you like playing so much… Do you like making me angry?" 

theonlylucysaxon whispered: Lucy walked in completely naked, save his still pristine leather jacket. She smirked and hopped up on the counter, grinning at him. "Gotcha." She stuck out her tongue at him. "The dog grabbed it, but I caught him before he did any damage... But unfortunately I've been wearing it all day without anything else on so it probably smells like me."

The glass in the Master’s hand cracked… but it didn’t shatter. He didn’t look up at Lucy, he just kept staring into his glass. Did she think that this was some kind of game

"Take it off," he said quietly, a sneer curling his lips. "Now.

theonlylucysaxon whispered: [Text] We'll see about that.

A few hours later, the Master arrives home looking ten times beyond irritated. It’s the kind of irritation that is shown in posture rather than facial expression. He’s standing up straight as drops his bag loudly on the table; moving slowly and precisely as he pours himself a glass of some foreign type of alcohol. It’s as if he’s trying hard not to break everything he’s holding… the slight tremor in his hands is testament to that. 

He does not call for his wife—he does not say anything, in fact. He merely sits at the table and stares at the substance swirling in his glass. His eyes are empty and his breathing is slow and steady. There are so many things going around in his head about the situation he’s found himself in recently that the dog chewing up his favorite leather jacket (which is no longer in production) is the last straw. I’m going to kill that dog…

theonlylucysaxon whispered: [Text] Do you want to be having sex with yourself for the next few months? [Text] If not then the dog stays.

[Text] Fine.

[Text] The dog goes.